The action begins two months after Jennifer St. James has given birth to her first child. Bombarded by the demands of motherhood, the need to care for her husband and the unrealistic expectations of womanhood placed upon her by her mother-in-law Carol, what should have been a joyous event for Jennie has turned into a roller coaster of emotions and a struggle to keep her life afloat.


With the help of her best friend Monica and her new neighbor Wayne, Jennie attempts to rebuild her life. However, everyone is not rooting for Jennie's recovery. In fact, someone is poisoning Jennie's family against her and exploiting her diagnosis of postpartum depression. Now Jennie has to deal with her own mental decline and an unknown betrayer with his own private struggles.

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CryBaby will show at Encore Theatre in Houston, TX on May 6th

Show times are 2:00pm, and again at 5:00pm

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Want to learn more about the writer of this play? CryBaby was written by Joyce Smith. Click here, to see  more about her background and what moved her to create this engaging drama.